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I recently made an Instagram: PlayingInTheFire <——username

my instagram feel free to follow me on that, I post way more selfies there than I do here as well as other stuff I’m also a bit more active on there than here. Thanks in advance! (/^_^)/

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Which one did you guys pick?

Which one did you guys pick?

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Going on Hiatus

With my work schedule changing a lot and Ritsuka and Loki being crazy butts I don’t really have the energy to be on tumblr all that much so I’m taking a little break from it, sorry guys.

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Fairy transformation!


Fairy transformation!

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check out all of the characters stand alone on my fanart tumblr : http://veestrainingcamp.tumblr.com/

So I’ve been slowly working on this idea for 6 months hahah.. I was like “oh CARTOON NETWORK SHIPPUDEN ! that sounds cool. I’ll just make a lineup with (almost) every CN franchise and dress them as Naruto characters”. It makes no sense haha, but I had a lot of fun, and it taught me a lot as an artist to work with all these different styles.

I looked up prices to print out posters, and I found out I could print OK quality A2 size (33”x23”) and sell them for like 9$ (not including shipping). Would you be into that ? you should PM me if peeps are interested I’d totally do that :)

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Watermellones is our newest edition to the Blacklist. We only know their old URL (they deleted this account) and their FC; 4055-4703-0141.

If you know anything such as their new URL, town name, mayor name, etc., please let us know!

holy shit what the fuck is wrong with some people

Signal boost!
No one deserves to be scammed.

So if you see another blog with that fc be sure to contact Villagertrade.

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Andres Amador is an artist who uses the beach as his canvas, racing against the tide to create these large scale temporary masterpieces using a rake or stick ..

Andres’ creations are simply stunning and knowing that these delicate creations are temporary somehow makes them even more beautiful.


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